Five Problems I have with The Walking Dead #LetsGetReal

Before I even start, let me just preface this whole thing with: #NoH8 – I absolutely love The Walking Dead and have spent 3 weeks to binge watch 5 seasons worth of the show to get myself caught up and ready for season 6. HOWEVER, the more I watch, the more I have gripes with certain details… so let me do my casual rant and let’s get along:

1. I mean I have nothing against Rick (actually a few of his decisions… um… okay let’s not get into that just yet) but why is Rick’s hair always wet?! I mean I know he’s running around fighting zombies and making big decisions but still… It’s either always wet or too oily even after he washes it… what’s up with that Rick? #TooReal

2. Why don’t people change from boots to sneakers already?! I mean they are all fashionable but for walking or running miles… it’s not as comfortable as good Nike sneakers right?! (not a sponsor :P, but Nike, if you wanna sponsor me, go ahead). #LetsBeReal

3. Why is it that whenever they push a knife in zombie’s eyeballs, their hands and arms come out cleaner than ever?! Rarely do we see a scene where blood splatters out… If the show is already rated R, let’s see some more blood! #MakeItReal

4. Why don’t people just bike?! I mean half of the show is about how a car breaks down in the heat and people get killed because they are stuck in cars. Let’s get some bikes up in here! I mean, chances of your bike breaking down is a lot smaller than running out of gas or car breaking down… Granted, you can’t sleep in a bike, but you sure can push some of your shit instead of lugging it on your back or at least you can ride to terminus or Alexandria or even DC! Let’s get some cross country biking going! Can’t believe the idea of bikes came up in season 5… #LifeIsReal

5. Has anyone complained about their contacts drying up? I mean these people go through lack of sleep, lack of supplies (contact solutions) and they are exposed to blood and smoke all day every day, why hasn’t anyone complained about their contacts being affected by all of that?! Or is this another way of saying… Survival The fittest…?! (just realized…) Maybe this is a subliminal messaging from Lasik (not a sponsor but Lasik, if you wanna..) because people like me who can’t drive without my glasses, I’M DEAD. #I’mTooReal

After all the trash talking, still absolutely love this show. #HighlyRecommended! #MillionThumbsUp
Let me know what other shows you’d like me to pick apart 😉

Author: Jane

A FEMINIST, who wants to eventually be an amazing soccer mom with flexible work hours. A CONSULTANT, who is thirsty for flight status and hangry for hotel cookies. A DOG LOVER, who plans to own a German Sheppard, Oreo, and a Golden Retriever, Cheerio. A PROUD TECHIE, who doesn’t enjoy coding. A SELF PROCLAIMED PRACTICAL OPTIMIST, who struggles with the difficult act of staying positive while battling with depression. #PositiveAttitudes

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