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Consulting life is not as glamorous as people think. Yes yes, we travel for free and eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But no one really knows the downside of traveling to the middle of nowhere AK, or gaining significant amount of weight due to eating out. The lack of sleep to try to make it to our flights in addition to sitting on our ass all day is really not good for our health. So often times when we get home (Fri-Sun), all we want to do is be a party pooper and cook at home.

As I familiarize myself with this traveling lifestyle, I find myself dealing with another problem – food wastage. Often time, I purchase grocery in bulk but have to throw them out on Sunday before flying out.

That’s why I found delivery services such as Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. Click Here to see our comparison of the two services.

Blue Apron – A food delivery service that delivers all the fresh ingredients you’ll need to make delicious meals in exactly the right proportions. You input restrictions such as food allergies or things you don’t eat, then based on your inputs, Blue Apron provides recommendations (6 I believe) for each week with 3 pre-selected meals out of the 6 options. Everything is pre-opted in, so you have to click opt out to not receive anything.

What happens after you order?:

1. Based on your order schedule (you can choose which date you want your food delivered) you will receive an intro email informing you your 3 meals are coming. You can track your package as well as check out the 3 meals ahead of time
2. Friday, I order mine to be delivered on Thur/Fri in preparation for the weekend, I receive my box (caution: heavy – don’t break your backs)
Blue Apron Box
3. Inside your box should be 3 meal cards (front: pic + ingredient list, back: cooking instructions), possible promotion card, and ingredient fun fact card. Along come with your ingredients






























5. After your 3 meal is completed, you’ll receive a “thanks for cooking with us” email with cute photos of people cooking + options to share on social media
6. Lastly, you’ll get a notice for next week’s options (even if you don’t opt in, you’ll get this, so don’t worry)

Customer service was amazing
I had some trouble applying my groupon deal, and even though it took me a month to actually set everything up (my fault because I’m so slow with checking my email and/or too lazy to take action), customer service (multiple reps) stayed and walked with me step by step in setting up my account and apply the deal. They were also apologetic for the troubles even though I was the one being slow. Overall, they really made me feel like a valued new customer. Happy customers = $$$.

The food is good (biased)

My first 3 meals were great! Although one wasn’t my favorite thing on earth, it got me to try different cuisine that I probably wouldn’t be able cook myself nor would I try at home. The portions were perfect, pretty accurate for 2 people. I was also able to invite a friend over and have a fun date night cooking. I found it great that I don’t have to invest in exotic seasoning I’ll never ever use again.
My second 3 meals were less amazing. Don’t get me wrong, the ingredients were still fresh, and I technically picked it. But I wish I had more options because my assumed 3 best meals (out of 6), still came out not super tasty.
Please take this part of my review with a grain of salt (#Puns), we all have different taste, so my review of how the food tasted greatly depend on my ability to read instructions, cook and my taste. So test it out and see for yourself 😉

Problem 1: the system automatically signs you up for all weeks unless you opt out
I understand that this is financially better on their side to automatically opt people in because they can probably still charge you if you forgot to opt out that week. If situation was reversed (opted out unless you sign up for that specific week), I’m sure it’ll lead to decrease in revenue. However, from customer perspective, it’s another thing to remember to opt out, which for me, is a lot to handle (sorry I have a small brain and a busy life). In fact, I’m so worried that I forgot to opt out a certain week that I’m tempted to deactivate my membership. As for now, I’ve been opting out multiple weeks at a time and checking back frequently to update my account.

Problem 2: Some weeks are too vegetarian for my taste
I’m such a meat eater, and not enough kale can change that. My observation is that on my second week, relatively to my first, second week was all vegetarian whereas the first week had salmon and chicken. Technically I did have the option to change my menu, but my other options were not great either. Maybe this is more of a menu variety problem – hopefully as the company grows in size, they’ll be able to provide more options.

Overall, my “problems” are just first world problems, granted Blue Apron and similar services are for people who have first world problems. However, I really do enjoy the fact that everything is pre-measured so nothing is wasted.
I’d say, great service, highly recommended. Check out their site: Blue Apron
Want to read our review of Hello Fresh + $40 coupon review?, and Click HERE to see our comparison article for the two products.



Author: Jane

A FEMINIST, who wants to eventually be an amazing soccer mom with flexible work hours. A CONSULTANT, who is thirsty for flight status and hangry for hotel cookies. A DOG LOVER, who plans to own a German Sheppard, Oreo, and a Golden Retriever, Cheerio. A PROUD TECHIE, who doesn’t enjoy coding. A SELF PROCLAIMED PRACTICAL OPTIMIST, who struggles with the difficult act of staying positive while battling with depression. #PositiveAttitudes

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    Beth Rudden
    May 10, 2016 at 11:30 pm

    I too use Blue Apron – there is a slick calendar tool that you can use to change your meal choices and to skip a week ! once I found this I was very pleased.

    • Reply
      June 14, 2016 at 7:00 pm

      Great point Beth – Only concern is, they automatically opt you in for each week unless you go in there to skip that week’s meal. So if you forgot to skip ahead, they’ll automatically send you food and charge you.

      Beth – Feel free to subscribe to our blog. We’ll be posting more consistently and will be sending out newsletters!

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    Diedre Flenaugh
    May 23, 2016 at 7:26 am

    You have mentioned very interesting points! ps nice web site.

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    August 11, 2016 at 8:04 am

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