Ridiculous Red Carpet Looks: 2016 Tony’s Edition

Last night, the best of the best in theater were recognized at the 70th annual Tony awards.  And by best of the best I mostly mean Hamilton, which won 11 Tony’s!   Like every award show, there were some amazing red carpet looks, and some not-so-amazing looks that left me wondering: What were they thinking?

Keri Russell


Keri Russell: The Matador


I think this is the first dress I’ve ever seen with armpit cutouts, and now I know why.  But look on the bright side: she can easily air out her armpits and reapply deodorant right?!  Does anyone else think she looks like a matador?





Cate Blanchett



Cate Blanchett: The Child’s Art Project

This reminds me of that cute little “picture” every kid made at some point by gluing random pieces of paper together.  But does she not know that the bra is supposed to go under the dress?





Renee Elise Goldsberry


Renee Elise Goldsberry: Purple Zebra?

So what have we got here?

Silky purple stripes: Check.

Odd floral-patterned sparkles: Check.

Saggy butt fabric: Check.



Diane Lane





Diane Lane: Definitely a Zebra

Wearing a head-to-toe zebra look was a pretty big risk… unfortunately it didn’t pay off.




Cynthia Erivo




Cynthia Erivo: The Ruffled Curtain

What is literally going on here…? The structure gives off a classic Victorian look, the pattern looks like your grandma’s awful curtains, and the ruffles down the front resemble a pirate shirt.  Don’t even get me started on the random cut-outs…




Emily Estefan




Emily Estefan: The Middle School Goth Girl

Leggings on the red carpet?  She knows this is a formal event, right?  And the half-sheer jacket isn’t helping her look any more professional.  She looks like she jumped right out of an early 2000’s angsty teen’s myspace page.



Alison Williams





Allison Williams: So Close yet so far…

I’m all for a badass red carpet pantsuit, but the odd, uneven pant legs make this look like a tragic tailoring mishap. #FlapFlap



Tavi Gevinson




Tavi Gevinson: The Lumberjack’s Wife

Cutesy flannel + Floral wrap skirt = Red carpet mistake. #Clashmuch?

But no lie, her heels are really cute though…



Daveed Diggs





Daveed Diggs: The Man in the Quilted suit

Say No More…






Let us know in the comments what you thought of last night’s Tony Awards and red carpet fashion!

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Author: Rachel

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