#SuperHeroDifficulties – Top 15 Twitter Responses to Today’s Trending Hashtag

Sometimes superheroes just need to educate us commoners…

#15. When you have to be smooth and sly… but you’re not

Superhero 15


#14. When you try to wash your own shit but your mom is not here to help…

Superhero 5

#13. But you can’t just go to your dry cleaners downstairs willy nilly…

Superhero 14

#12. But when you do find a dry cleaners, they love you – constantly have to replace buttons with them

Superhero 9

#11. When you’re clumsy AF..

Superhero 6


#10. And then Bae just doesn’t even “know you as a person and a lover” because of it…

Superhero 8


#9. But no matter what, your heartache will heal..?

Superhero 16


#8. When you have nipple problems only marathon runners experience…

Superhero 11

#7. But it’s even worse if you’re a man

Superhero 12

#6. When you HAVE TO work night shifts…

Superhero 10


#5. When you not only work night shifts, but also drag your friends down…

Superhero 7

#4. Even if your friend still wants to hang, you can’t drink that much because… RESPONSIBILITIES?

Superhero 4

#3. and your friend can finally get you back for not being able to fly

Superhero 17

#2. When you can finally go…

Superhero 3


#1. But truthfully, the most difficult thing about being a superhero is no one around you is as mature as you are #GirlPower

Superhero 1


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A FEMINIST, who wants to eventually be an amazing soccer mom with flexible work hours. A CONSULTANT, who is thirsty for flight status and hangry for hotel cookies. A DOG LOVER, who plans to own a German Sheppard, Oreo, and a Golden Retriever, Cheerio. A PROUD TECHIE, who doesn’t enjoy coding. A SELF PROCLAIMED PRACTICAL OPTIMIST, who struggles with the difficult act of staying positive while battling with depression. #PositiveAttitudes

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