#IfWeWorkedTogether – Top 10 Twitter Responses to Today’s Trending Hashtag

Working in a team is hard, you gotta think about not only finishing your work, but also things that don’t seem to matter like: relationship building, letting other people make decisions for you, and putting cloth on because others are around 😛

But in today’s trending #hashtag – #IfWeWorkedTogether, we learned everyone’s working habits and ethics. And we’ve collected top 10 for ya!

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Author: Jane

A FEMINIST, who wants to eventually be an amazing soccer mom with flexible work hours. A CONSULTANT, who is thirsty for flight status and hangry for hotel cookies. A DOG LOVER, who plans to own a German Sheppard, Oreo, and a Golden Retriever, Cheerio. A PROUD TECHIE, who doesn’t enjoy coding. A SELF PROCLAIMED PRACTICAL OPTIMIST, who struggles with the difficult act of staying positive while battling with depression. #PositiveAttitudes

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