Is Hello Fresh Good? + $40 Off Coupon Code

A while back, we tried and reviewed Blue Apron and we lazy human potatoes became even lazier. There’s no need to go shopping, no need to buy spices that we’ll never use again, and no need to interact with draining people and the outside world. That being said, Blue Apron isn’t the only meal delivery service out there, so we wanted to test everything out in the name of “science” and find the best service for y’all 😉 Enter Hello Fresh.

General procedures for Hello Fresh are pretty much the same as Blue Apron:

1. When you register, you need to choose between a Classic Box, a Veggie Box or a Family Box; at this point, you’re committing to the portion of your subscription as well.

I had a relatively small learning curve because I was already used to Blue Apron’s website, but it wasn’t difficult to navigate at all. New users, you shouldn’t have many issues with the interface.


2. You choose your own schedule and meals out of 6 options based on the box you originally selected

3. You wait patiently for your box to arrive

I actually had to wait 2 weeks for my first box because they were running out of supplies, so either Hello Fresh is too popular or they suck at predicting growth of their company.

But don’t fret, because they recently sent an email informing us that the cutoff date is 5 days before delivery, so you can make last min changes to your menu if you’re like me – someone who gets flustered when you have to make decisions.


4.           Receive your box in the mail based on the delivery date you chose (caution: Heavy AF, may hurt your self esteem)

5. You’ll receive 3 smaller boxes with ingredients for each meal and all meat is packed in ice packs

Each box has a sticker indicating which meal the box is for. You’ll also receive cooking instructions for not only your chosen meal, but also additional meals you didn’t choose this week (out of your 6 options).



7. Repeat: You’ll be emailed reminding you to choose and change your meal options for next week. Of course, you can indicate ahead of time that you’d like to skip meals (up to 4 weeks ahead)

I actually really enjoyed my Hello Fresh experience! The food is easy to make and “very realistic”, definitely the type of food I’d make again on my own. I have yet to try out Veggie Box but I like that Hello Fresh has 6 options for both the Classic box (includes meat) and the Veggie Box: it feels like they put more effort into making sure everyone has options. Overall, I would highly recommend using Hello Fresh (at least for a week!) to see for yourself.  

If you’re considering testing out Hello Fresh, we want to give you free dollas $$$. Use the code FSQ4A5 when you register as a new member and get $40.00 off your first week of Hello Fresh!

If you’re torn between committing to Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, I compared these two services for you  here so you don’t have to test both out. If you have experience with Hello Fresh, let me know down below! How did you like it? Would you recommend it to others?


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