Is Hello Fresh Better Than Blue Apron?

As a consultant, I travel quite a bit – Monday through Thursday to be exact, leaving me 2-3 days to be a party pooper and cook at home so I can tell myself I’m being slightly healthy and not the fat lard I already might be. But surprise, surprise; 1) being a recent college grad and 2) cooking from home don’t work too well together. Even if I want to be domestic one weekend and try to use some online recipe, I find myself paying a lot of money for spices or herbs I’ll use once in my life. That’s where Blue Apron and Hello Fresh come in (click for individual reviews) – and although both meal-delivery services are fundamentally the same, here are the 5 top reasons why I like Hello Fresh better than Blue Apron:


Time is Money and Hello Fresh saves me a buttload of timetime money

           You won’t realize this until you actually get to cooking day, but finding your ingredients takes so long. Blue Apron they sticker tag each ingredient but only loosely places them in the package – being the lazy ass I am, I just dump them all in my fridge when I open my package. However, when it comes to cooking day, oh lawd have mercy, it’ll take me so long to dig through everything to read the labels on each ingredient in order to find the right one for the meal I’m cooking. On the other hand, Hello Fresh gives you 3 smaller packages within your weekly delivery, pre-categorizing all the ingredients to the 3 meals. Yes, it’s less exciting to see 3 boxes when you open your package instead of a bunch of fresh ingredients, but when it comes to cooking day, oh mama – I don’t have to squat to look for a potato, I can just pull the box out, and voila! Everything is already in there.


I can see myself cooking Hello Fresh’s recipes again in the future

This may just be the recent college grad thing, but the meals I made with Hello Fresh seem like meals I would make again; I found myself purchasing ingredients for Hello Fresh recipes independently, whereas my Blue Apron recipes sits in a corner, sad and unused. It may be because Hello Fresh uses more common ingredients whereas Blue Apron requires more exotic ones, and personally, I’d like to not only get the 3 meals out of each week but also learn how to make something I’ll eat again in the future.


I don’t feel restricted when I select meals

Not sure why but when I was using Blue Apron, I noticed that sometimes if I choose 1 out of the 6 meal options for my box, another option is automatically eliminated. This usually means I have to choose between two great dishes because choosing one eliminates my choice to choose the other (might be an ingredient limitation problem?). With Hello Fresh, this doesn’t seem to be a problem. I am offered 6 options for my box, and I have yet to come across any trouble selecting meals I want.


I appreciate Hello fresh giving me more recipes than just the 3 meals I ordered

This is something I noticed immediately. I find that Hello Fresh ships you a small pamphlet of recipes that includes the 3 meals you’ve ordered and additional ones such as deserts or snacks you can test out. I’m sure a lot of ingredient delivery service users are food aficionados who want to experiment through this process, and giving them additional recipes makes them feel as if they get more out of the purchase in addition to the 3 meals they expected. For some reason, I really appreciate this small gesture of giving.




Everybody wins!

           Hello Fresh gives each user a referral code so every time a friend / new member registers with your code, he/she gets $40 dollars off their first week and you get $20 your next meal as well. THAT’S $40 DOLLARS PEOPLE! Think about how much cheap wine or bottomless mimosas you can get turnt off of with $40 bucks! They’re pretty much paying you to eat. At the end of the day, the referral program helps Hello Fresh grow their user base, so everybody wins!

For anyone interested in registering for Hello Fresh, remember to use the code FSQ4A5 to get your $40 bucks! You can also subscribe to for a chance to win free meals with Hello Fresh. Email us which one you prefer to try and we’ll give 6 lucky subscribers a chance to test food for free!

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