Packing Light? Travel Essentials You Need on Your Next Summer Trip

I don’t know about you, but I always grew up with the notion that packing more was always the safer way to go. That way, you’d always be ready in case a surprise rainstorm hits the beach resort you were staying at, or if the passenger next to you gets a little too animated with the complimentary red wine.

However, one of the things about growing up is that Mom and Dad aren’t going to lug around your oversized bag anymore, and free check-in for baggage on flights are no longer a guarantee on all airlines.

To reduce unnecessary pre-vacation stress about making your airline’s weight restrictions for your suitcase, here’s some summer travel essentials that will help make your next summer getaway hassle-free, so you can worry more about which picture to post on Instagram, and less about how you’re going to cram everything into a carry-on.

UNU Enerpak Tube 5000mAh

For those moments whether or not you’ll make it in time to the train station relies on whether or not that last 10% of battery power will last. It’s a convenient enough size to throw into a purse or backpack for on the go power, with enough power to make 2 charges.

NARS Cosmetics Eyeshadow Duo (Isolde)

With a flattering frosted ginger and shimmering copper set, this pair is perfect for day and night wear, and versatile enough to compliment everything you’ve packed in your suitcase without the hassle of having to bring a full-sized palette. Bonus tip? Sweep some of the lighter shade for a nice, sun-kissed glow as a makeshift highlight.

3 in 1 Clip-on Phone Camera Lens

Looking for a way to up your next Instagram post, or have Snapchat filters have grown old? This handy clip-on lens creates 3 different shooting experiences, whether you’re looking to capture an expansive sunset or even a close-up shot of some local botany.

Busuu (Available on the App Store and Google Play)

Always helps to know some conversational phrases if you’re traveling abroad. Download it before your flight and have some crash course practice in case you can’t fall asleep on the plane ride there.


Backpack with Foldover Flap, available from Zara

Sometimes a crossbody doesn’t cut it while on vacation, with cameras to juggle and extra clothes in case the AC is too much

. A small backpack solves that, by being the ultimate carry-all and carry-on, so you can throw just about all your on-the-go essentials in.


New Balance Women’s CW620 Running Shoe

Without sacrificing comfort for composure, the fashion world has brought back sneakers and other athletic footwear into the game. You can’t go wrong with any of the classics, one being these New Balances with their classic silhouette. With the suede upper and padded sole, they’re perfect for long walks in the city or even light treks outdoors.


The Cotton Crew in Deep Olive (Everlane)

One of the most versatile pieces you can have in a well-packed suitcase. Wear it under a denim jacket to layer for cooler

weather, or tuck it into a skirt for a dinner on the porch, or even under a sundress to avoid getting too-sunburnt shoulders. Basically, you can wear it with anything.

Author: Hilary Lai

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