Learn How To Contour – Beauty Trick 101

Hi everyone! I’m Samantha, nice to e-meet you.

When MentalScoops asked me to write a guest post I was very happy because I love this website – hot guys, puppies and unicorns? Who doesn’t love all this? – so I decided to share with you a weekly obsession. At first I was very torn about what to choose, tv series? Beauty product? Outfits? It was hard.

At the end I chose “contouring”.

I don’t remember when it became a trend but I surely remember when it was tossed aside for strobing, non-touring and what else.
I was one of those people that decided to stick with the original one; it’s a, easy technique that you can do with a variety of products and which shapes your face bringing to light your best features.

I didn’t have any specific product to apply but just a Collistar bronzer, which I applied on my face starting from the forehead and temple and then going down under the cheekbone and then on the jaw line, all in a continuous, light, fast movement. To make it clearer I draw a 3 on the two sided of my face – can it get easier than that?

I do it any time I wear makeup and I just LOVE how it gives me structure and a sort of depth and prospective.

Now I use the contour kit Define & Conquer from Seventeen UK; it contains a dark powder and a light one, I use the Bonze one to contour my face and the white/yellowish one to set the concealer.contour

My concealer is also by Seventeen – add the obsession to this brand to the list to – and I apply it under my eyes, to cover my dark circles and make me look like I’m sort of alive – when the only thing I want to do is sleep; on my forehead between my brows, on the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow and chin.

Basically I put it on everything I want to highlight because contouring is a matter of light and shades; you have to figure out the shape of your face and where to apply your products to bring out the best of your features.

I was thinking about trying the cream contour, do you use it? What do you think about it? Are you obsessed with contouring like I am? Tell me in the comments!

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