My Weight Loss Story – 110 lbs later…

Hey! My name is Ruzele. I am a blogger and Youtuber and I have been documenting my weight loss over the past few years.  I have always struggled with my weight, but when I was 17 my mom passed away I lost myself in my addiction to food and unhealthy behaviors of bulimia and self harm. I ended up putting on over 80 pounds. I stayed in this unhealthy cycle until I was about 20 years old.  I was so unhealthy and so unhappy and I realized that I was killing myself with every bite I was taking. I didn’t know how to change or even if I could, but I knew I had to try. I made an audition tape for a popular weight loss reality show. I didn’t get chosen, but recording that video made me realize that there is no magic moment that will come along. I had to create that moment, so I got to work!


I stopped taking money with me, I got a job at a gym (yes, if you can believe it, I was 335 pounds and working a gym, oh the irony!), and started eating a plant based diet. Of course I still struggled with my food addiction, but I approached those hard moments differently. I stopped criticizing myself and in every moment of weakness I tried to stay as non-judgmental as possible and used those moments as a teaching tools,


to learn more about how I react to different situations, and  come up with a plan if I was ever in that situation again.


Now, 22 years old, I have lost over 110 pounds and am finally becoming who I have always been on the inside. I still have over 80 pounds to lose and a lot of work ahead of me but I am excited for the journey!

In my free time I am studying for school, working out, writing for my blog, or filming for my youtube channel!


I hope that by sharing my journey I can give hope to other people who may feel hopeless or overwhelmed by weight loss and major life change. I also hope to bring awareness to how our society reacts to, and creates obesity. Subscribe to Mentalscoops to get email updates when I share weightloss tips or healthy diet recipes I enjoy!

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