Shampoo and Conditioner as Unique as You

Ready to revolutionize your showering routine? Check out Function of Beauty – a company that allows you to personalize your shampoo and conditioner based on your own hair style and type.

We were recently introduced to Function of Beauty because of our one and only Chase from the Bachelorette. Just look at that…. Hair.

I got the opportunity to try my own personalized shampoo and conditioner and it was an interesting experience.

First of all, the packaging was beautiful. I was excited to try it that night. To my surprise, the shampoo was a lot thicker than what I’m used to, maybe it’s more concentrated? It was also a lot murkier than what I’m used to (see why I always buy clear shampoos). When I first applied it to my hair, I had some trouble spreading it or making it bubble up. I discovered that I have to get some more water on the shampoo (not just your hair) for it to bubble up. It definitely was an interesting experience. I absolutely loved the smell of my shampoo. And once the shampoo bubbled up, it was easy to apply and distribute throughout my hair. I also really liked the conditioner. The conditioner also smelled amazing. My experience with the conditioner was very much like regular conditioner.

After my hair dried, it definitely did not feel oily or greasy, and had the volume that I was looking for without the frizz! That’s usually my biggest worry: if I ask for volume, it always leads to frizzy hair. But this did not give me that issue!

Overall, I absolutely love Function of Beauty. It is affordable, personalized and achieved the results I was looking for. I also loved how interactive it was. Being able to complete the quiz and choose certain aspects of my own shampoo and conditioner, I feel a lot more in control of what I’m using on my hair, which is crucial for a Type A person like me. The only difference I experienced was the application of the shampoo – it required a bit more water after application for it to bubble like regular shampoo due to its thickness.


To Order…

First, to complete your hair quiz, you’re asked simple questions: 1. Hair Type (straight, wavy, curly, coily), 2. Hair Structure (fine, medium, coarse), Scalp Moisture (dry, normal, oily).

Then, you’re asked to select up to five goals. Some of your options will be deep condition, shine, oil control, hydrate, and many more.

Step 3 is customizing your formula with your name and shampoo/conditioner colors. Their choices of colors recently expanded, and now you have 6 options to choose from.

Step 4 is for fragrance. You get to choose from 5 different options: essential oils, cucumber mint, grapefruit hibiscus, white tea jasmine, passion fruit papaya or Sandalwood violet.

Lastly, in step 5, you’re asked for the fragrance strength: light, medium or strong.


After completing the form, you’ll get to choose the size of the shampoo / conditioner. Right now 8oz shampoo and conditioner is $26 and 16oz is $38. Of course, you can buy individually or different size combinations.


Let me know if you got to customize your own shampoo, what were you looking for and did Function of Beauty live up to your expectations?

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